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Life is a Treasure

Life is a Treasure

ISBN: 978156871

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The Jewish Way of coping with illness

Does being sick mean you are doomed to feeling miserable?

In today's world, where youth, productivity, and independence are highly valued, an ill person may sometimes feel worthless - the emotional anguish every bit as painful as the physical symptoms.

In Life Is a Treasure: The Jewish Way of Coping with Illness, psychologist Barbara Olevitch expertly dispels society's myths and challenges its attitudes toward illness. Drawing on Torah wisdom, it's an invaluable guide to instilling hope, meaning, and the appreciation of life, and dramatically improving the lives of ill people and their families.

We discover:

    • How to minimize suffering and make the most out of precious time
    • How an ill person can stop feeling like a burden and get more enjoyment out of life
    • How an ill person can still help others
    • How families can protect loved ones in the intimidating world of medical staff and procedures

This inspiring book is a treasure for patients, families, and caregivers!

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