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Let's Go to the Farm

Let's Go to the Farm

ISBN: 9781929628506

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A good book can transport readers to a distant place, allowing them to encounter a brand new experience. That's what makes Let's Go to the Farm such a wonderful journey for children and parents to share! On their visit to a small farm, our young brother and sister see so many of Hashem's creatures and learn where eggs and milk come from. They help feed the goats, meet a family of little duckings, and notice that mother sheep look after their little lambs in much the same way their own parents take care of them!Our family enjoys a picnic and offers some food to the farmer. Of course, the farmer feeds his animals before eating anything himself. Then it's on to the orchard and the fields, picking a huge basket of fruits and vegetables to enjoy. It's been a day to discover so much about Hashem's world and to appreciate the different foods that Hashem provides. Let's Go to the Farm is sure to become another classic in Hachai's Toddler Experience Series, earning its place on every preschool bookshelf!

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