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Inner Torah Hebrew

Inner Torah Hebrew

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Where Consciousness and Kedushah Meet

How does a woman connect with the spark of divinity within her?
Learn how in this Torah-based approach to self-awareness and self-development which brings spiritual clarity to the haziness of the physical world. A beautifully written and groundbreaking work.

"Miriam Millhauser has written a fascinating, personal, thoughtful book about the pursuit of holiness in human life through Torah. In a time where bogus 'spirituality' abounds, it is refreshing to read such a measured, inspired work about the human soul and worthy life. This is an important book for those who seek to find inner truth and life's fulfillment." --Rabbi Berel Wein

"...Inner Torah is a remarkable book... It teaches [the reader] how to embark on a journey which will enable her to get in touch with the mosaic of her personality and holiness that resides at the core of her being. Ultimately the goal of the book is to teach the reader to become a happier, better, and deeper Jew who will devote herself totally to the service of Hashem. The book is well-written, deep, and practical." --Rebbitzen Lea Feldman

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