Glixman In A Fix

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"Mendel Glixman? You are Mendel Glixman?" I stopped in my tracks. "Who's asking?" "I'm Agent Erikson, and this is Agent Lewis. We'd like to ask you some questions about Dr. Rina Toldedo." *** Mendel Glixman's biggest problem in life was keeping his friends from seeing his home and discovering his family secret. But worse troubles occur when his biochemist aunt suddenly disappears without a trace-leaving his family in real danger-and Mendel and his friends find themselves in the middle of a perilous adventure. Will they solve the mystery of his cryptic birthday card and save Aunt Rina before it's too late? Glixman in a Fix, by popular Binah BeTween author Rebecca Klempner, is an upbeat, action- packed tale that will inspire readers. Join its intriguing cast of characters on a thrilling ride through the streets of Los Angeles as they desperately try to get out of an impossible fix.

Censor Level:
Format: Hardcover
Guided Reading Level: Y
ISBN-13: 9781614651567
ISBN-10: 1-61-465156-6
Sub Genre: Boys

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