Calendar Mysteries #06: June Jam

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From the author of the popular A to Z Mysteries comes a Father's Day fiasco featuring the younger siblings of the A to Z Mysteries kids!

June is for Jam ...

In the sixth book of the Calendar Mysteries, an early chapter book mystery series- Bradley, Brian, Nate, and Lucy want to make homemade strawberry jam for Father's Day. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as it first seems. Some sneaky creature is taking bites of their strawberries. Polly the pony, Pal the dog, and Josh the older brother are all suspects. If the kids can't protect the strawberry patch from the mystery chomper, they might be in a real jam!

Parents, teachers, and Librarians agree that these highly collectible chapter books are perfect for emerging readers and any kid who loves mysteries!

Censor Level: 2
Format: Default Title
Genre: Fiction
Guided Reading Level: N
Series: Calendar Mysteries
ISBN-13: 9780375861123
ISBN-10: 0-37-586112-2
Sub Genre: Mystery

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