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Bridges Across the World

Bridges Across the World

ISBN: 9781614655404

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Ruth Robinson is a psychologist who converted to Judaism and moved to Jerusalem, where she struggles to raise her twin daughters, Gila and Rina, on her own. To her dismay, her best friend, Karen Prescott, disapproved of her choice and dropped the friendship over a decade ago.

Karen has her own challenges as she adopts an orphan, furthers her career as a mathematician, and copes with her father’s hostility toward her husband. Can Ruth and Karen bridge the barriers of mistrust that keep them apart? And will Ruth’s daughter Gila be able to recover from the traumas of her past?

Renowned author Rachel Pomerantz has created a compelling and intricate masterpiece about family conflicts extending as far as Britain, India, and Japan. Fans of Bells and Pomegranates and Orange Groves as well as new readers will enjoy this absorbing novel about the tenuous bonds of friendship that reach far across the world.

Rachel Pomerantz is a research mathematician and novelist, wife, mother, and grandmother. She is the author of the popular novels Wildflower and A Time to Rend, a Time to Sew, in addition to being the retired Dean of Exact Sciences at Bar Ilan University.

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