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Bracha Do You Know?

Bracha Do You Know?

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It s exciting and interactive for children to guess the rhyming Bracha riddles, then open the flap to reveal the answers. Cleverly designed so the very young can learn and review all the various food related blessings on different types of treats... and most importantly, remember Who is the One to thank!

Baruch atah, we start this way, So many times throughout our day.
What do we say before we eat, Any type of food or treat?

Do you know? (lift the flap) A bracha!

Bright colorful illustrations feature a family of happy children who enjoy and appreciate every opportunity to make brachos... so your kids will, too! Bracha Do You Know? makes a great gift for home or classroom, joining other books in this valuable Lift-the-Flap series from Hachai Publishing

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