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Benny the Bus Gets the Job Done

Benny the Bus Gets the Job Done

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I'm going to do my job;

I'm going to try my best.

I'll work hard 'til I'm finished,

And then I'll take a rest!

Meet Benny the Bus - the most cheerful and conscientious bus around, running on mitzvah gasoline and a big smile!

What happens when Benny is on route to town, a large group of passengers on board, and he keeps meeting up with obstacles that threaten to slow him down? Does he lose focus? Kvetch or put up a fuss? No way! That's not the way of Benny the Bus!

Follow Benny as he inches his way through traffic jams and all kinds of chaos, until he eventually reaches his destination, modeling good middos, persistence, and lots of other great lessons along the way!

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