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Behind Enemy Lines- A. Nesher

Behind Enemy Lines- A. Nesher

ISBN: 757347592810

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An action-packed author A. Nesher and 3D illustrator Eliezer Ben Chamu treat you once again to a thrilling story with an Authentic Jewish message. 

Behind enemy lines takes place when German general Rommel and his troops threaten to attack Eretz Yisroel. 

Join Leo as he boldly parachutes into dangerous territory and encounters German soldiers face-to-face. Feel the suspense, as armed with military equipment, Leo turns to the true source of his strength, his… Sefer Tehillim. Will he succeed in his mission and not fall prey to the trap of the German spy closely following him?

Follow the efforts of Mendel and the other children in his group as they embark on a campaign of Limud Torah, Tefillah, and Chessed on Leo's behalf. Will there be a miraculous turn other than this? 

Behind enemy lines imparts an amazing lesson in Emunah and Bitachon in an exciting format using the latest captivating 3-D technology. 

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