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Assassin Part 2

Assassin Part 2

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Eyal raced over to the rugs and quickly located the boy. At break-neck speed he unrolled the rug Elitzafun was hidden in. Incredibly, Elitzafun's eyes shone from the adventure. 

"I didn't move or say anything, even when that man came in here and looked all around and talked very loud," he said proudly. 

"You were great, Elitzafun. Really amazing. And now, let's go."

"The bad people left?"

"Not yet, but we're going now."

"The police came?"

"No, not yet. But we need to go right now, Elitzafun. There's a fire downstairs, so we have to get out of the building."

For the first time, the boy looked scared. "How will we get out?" Elitzafun's honey-colored eyes looked deep into Eyal's green eyes, and Eyal felt as though his heart might explode from tension. Until then he had thought only of the urgency of reaching the top of the steps before they were overtaken by fire, but now there was no way back down. Rug samples hanging near the stairwell had drawn the fire up-ward, and the air was already smoky.

Eyal dug his nails into the palms of his hands. Their exit was blocked.

If you've been waiting breathlessly since reading Part 1 of Assassin, you now hold in your hands the exciting conclusion, 
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