Adventure on the High Seas


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The graphics are astonishing, incorporating the best of 3D graphic technology for a life-like, state-of-the-art look, in this newest genre of books, graphics novels in a comic book-like format. Children and their parents will be riveted by this amazing work, based on a true story, as they are drawn in to its fast-paced plot. For the hapless Jews aboard the Australia-bound ship, the memories of Nazi Germany are all too fresh, but the dangers that lurk in the heart of the sea pursue them. AT the hands of the ruthless, cruel sailors, the passengers' faith and courage burns bright, despite the oppression, and the two young heroes of this story, Shimshon and Zeligman, model the epitome of bitachon in Hashem's salvation. Will the Jews manage to escape? What happens when a German u-boat wants to torpedo the ship? This book vividly portrays the principle that everything Hashem does is for the best.

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ISBN-13: 018300000286
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