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Above the Crowd

Above the Crowd

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“Sruly, you’re back already? How was the performance?”
“It was fine.” Sruly ripped open a bag of chips. “I rushed home because I already made plans with Meir. He’s coming over in about five minutes.”
“But you see Meir all the time. Today was a good opportunity to spend time with other boys.”
“Yeah, but I like Meir. Those other boys aren’t really my type.”

Fourth-grader Sruly Perlman loves playing chess with his best friend, noshing on corn chips, and juggling and unicycling at weddings. But his science fair partner is the class klutz, his brother is too bossy, and the boys at his uncle’s afterschool program make him
uncomfortable. When an unexpected discovery turns Sruly’s world upside down, will he finally be able to notice the good in others? Join Sruly, the younger brother of Shiffy from Making the Grade, as he rises to the challenge and realizes the true meaning of friendship.

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