A Place for Mindel


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First book in the Mindel Rappaport series!

Mindel discovers she has a special talent when she begins to help her father operate an exciting invention, the printing press. But when her cousin Rayzel arrives for an extended stay, Mindel feels threatened. Can she make room for Rayzel, without losing her own place?
Meet Mindel

Meet Mindel Rappaport, a Jewish girl growing up in the city of Prague in the 1590 s, over 400 years ago. Mindel is the middle child in her lively, loving family. She is kind-hearted and artistic, and always eager to help. Read about her adventures and you re sure to love her, too!
About the series

In Jewish Girls Around the World, you'll meet many fascinating Jewish girls from our past. Read about them and experience their worlds. Times and places may change, but being a Jewish girl is always something to celebrate

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Format: Default Title
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ISBN-13: 9781607631323
ISBN-10: 1-60-763132-6
Sub Genre: Girls

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