A Kid's Guide to Iceland

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A Kid's Guide to Iceland takes young readers (ages 9-12) on an exciting and colorful adventure to amazing Iceland and the Viking explorers who discovered it more than 1,000 years ago. The book helps today’s young explorers learn about Iceland’s fascinating history, geography, culture, wildlife, and more. The large format (8 ½ x 11) includes dramatic full-color photos that help tell the story of Iceland and its people. Designed primarily for recreational, high-interest reading, the book is also a great resource for students to use to research geography topics or writing assignments. A Kid’s Guide to Iceland is one in a series of books about countries and cultures around the world published by Curious Kids Press. Other books in the series feature Ancient Egypt, Australia, China, Costa Rica, England, France, Kenya, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South America, and Thailand, along with a special edition focusing on the U.S. state of Hawaii.
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