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A Journey With Rabbi Juravel 5

A Journey With Rabbi Juravel 5

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A bear is on the loose in the neighborhood... A yeshivah boy discovers that he has an identical twin brother whom he's never met... Little Shragi Adler gets kidnapped... It can only mean one thing: Rabbi Juravel is back with a whole slew of exciting, new stories! A Journey with Rabbi Juravel 5-The Case of the Greedy Gorillas is jam-packed with suspense and intrigue. You'll meet Berel and Breindy Adler and friends once again, as you embark with them on exciting journeys in different settings and with unusual characters. Don your detective cap as you help Berel Adler track down kidnappers and crack the case of some greedy gorillas in the zoo. Celebrate Berel's bar mitzvah with him in a special way. Help untangle Reb Shmuel Yosef Pollock from the mess he's gotten himself into on his way to a foreign country. And there's lots more! The books A Journey with Rabbi Juravel have been lauded and recommended by educators, rabbanim, parents, and children alike. Rabbi Juravel is a master at teaching middos and mitzvos to children through wonderful stories that they want to read again and again. In this book, the fifth in the series, you'll discover a brand new collection of magnificent "jewels" from Rabbi Juravel!

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