A House of Several Stories


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As is customary, inhabitants of a house discuss with their visitors what is happening in their home and only on rare occasions mention the house itself and describe its interior and its uniqueness.
For a change, in "A House of Several Stories", the house itself relates the transformations that it experienced within its walls.
A resident goes and a new tenant comes, life and death, war and its consequences and kids that became grandparents.
The house is englufed with yearnings for its long past inhabitants and is fortunate to see subsequent blessed generations...
It's very interesting to think what the rafters of our own houses could divulge about our lives...
This story is based on real events that occured in Hungary during the last hundred years.
Please pay attention to the small details in the illustrations, sometimes they tell more than a thousand words would.
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ISBN-13: 9781680913279
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