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A cosmic adventure awaits!

This educational puzzle set engages children in creative play and encourages them to learn about the Solar System. Assemble the 20-piece colorful puzzle and set the stage for extraordinary adventures. The jumbo figures will help your child feel just like a space explorer! Just let your imagination run wild.

The age-adapted illustrations and figures introduce young learners to space exploration and stimulate their creativity and imagination. Putting the sturdy pieces together is great for developing manual skills, perceptiveness and concentration.

  • Arranging and assembling large puzzle pieces:
    • trains perception and concentration
    • fosters curiosity and creativity by encouraging kids to search for various solutions
    • promotes hand-eye coordination
    • improves manual dexterity
  • Large puzzle pieces made of high-quality, thick cardboard are perfect for little hands
  • The handy, keepsake box with a practical handle makes it a great gift
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ISBN-13: BPN49028
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