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Kids' Travel Guide - Italy: The fun way to discover Italy - especially for kids

Kids' Travel Guide - Italy: The fun way to discover Italy - especially for kids


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The best gift for any kid who is about to go to Italy, has already been there, or is just curious about this special country!

Now More Than Ever! Let Leonardo - the cutest tour guide, take your kids on a fun journey to discover the beauty of Italy!
This unique travel guide and activity book allows children to experience Italy even from home — as they explore this amazing country in a fun and educational way!

Designed especially for kids! The Kids' Travel Guide – Italy teaches children all about Italy, including its cities and landmarks, geography, fascinating history, and flags and symbols — as well as Italian culture, cuisine, and even some popular words in Italian!

Fun, Educational, and Engaging! Leonardo will take your kids on an exciting journey through Italy, keeping them interested with fun facts, juicy information, quizzes, special tasks, coloring pages, and their own travel diary to keep track of what they've learned.

A Personal Book that Takes Your Kids on a Travel Adventure! This guide walks your children through the historical landmarks in Rome, the magnificent piazzas and basilicas, the famous Grand Canal of Venice, and much more.
and unique attractions that make Italy so special. After finishing the book, they'll have a sound knowledge of Italy, and will feel as if they've just returned from the country!

Today, it's more important than ever to give our kids opportunities to expand their horizons and broaden their minds. Even if we have to stay close to home right now, it's still possible to teach our kids about new countries and cultures — and to do it in a fun and interactive way!

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