Most Valuable Players: #03 The Football Fumble


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From the author of the Ballpark Mysteries comes the coolest sports club around—the Most Valuable Players!
The MVP kids can’t wait to play in the big football game. That is, until they catch a glimpse of their opponents! The team from Hamilton Elementary School seems bigger and—even worse—just plain mean. Taking on a tough opponent is never easy. Will this bully blitz keep the MVPs off their game? Or can they find a way to huddle together and win the day?
Perfect for kids who love to compete in all kinds of contests and have fun with great friends, David A. Kelly’s series teaches readers that when you’re a most valuable player, you love sports, always show spirit, and never give up! And don’t miss sports facts in every book.
Censor Level: 2
Format: Default Title
Genre: Fiction
Guided Reading Level: N
ISBN-13: 9780553513257
Sub Genre: Realistic Fiction / Sports

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