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Menucha Publishers is an AIS approved vendor. Our goal to ensure that every ELA classroom encourages and promotes literacy through effective ELA instruction. Contact us today to ensure your AIS funds help your struggling ELA students improve their literacy and ultimately raise their scores on State assessments.

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Peggy Greenfeld School Liaison


What are AIS Funds?

AIS funds are designed to raise the proficiency of religious and independent school teachers in specific techniques designed to support their students who are at risk of not meeting State standards in ELA and math.

Please note: Not all nonpublic schools in New York State offer the 3-8 State assessments to their students. ONLY those schools that offer the assessments and report to the NYSED per the established processes are eligible for AIS reimbursement, based upon the number of their students that do not achieve a level 3 or 4 on State proficiency exams.



It is important to note: Once an application is complete, it can be submitted for reimbursement at any time. Schools do not need to wait till March. However, schools can only be paid once per program year. Any remaining funds will be rolled over to the following year.


AIS allocations are 3 year allocations.


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