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Yehoshua Undercover

Yehoshua Undercover

ISBN: 9781600913174

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Being laughed at is no joke, especially when you know that what they're saying is true"

Meet Yehoshua, whose classmates pick on him because of his weight. Only his faithful friend Yonasan is willing to defend him, seeing beneath Yehoshua's exterior and appreciating his many fine qualities.

Together, they're the last people anyone would expect to get involved in a mysterious plot involving shady characters who will stoop to any level to get what they want"¦

Enter Yehoshua's world as he valiantly tries to protect the elderly carpenter Mr. Sofer from evil-minded people and unwittingly sets off an entire chain of events with a dramatic and unexpected climax.

Find out that - few things are as they seem on the surface there's nothing like a true friend nothing can stand in the face of perseverance!

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