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Without a Trace - Soft Cover

Without a Trace - Soft Cover

ISBN: 9781600919756

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A passionate and gripping novel that weaves a breathtaking tapestry of depth, emotion, and character development
Zevy: A serious yeshiva bachur, he has a terrible secret he must always keep under wraps - both literally and figuratively.

Shoshi: Zevy's mother, Shoshi struggles to keep normalcy and stability in her home, while contending with feelings of guilt each time she gazes down at the disfigurement of her son.

Chasida: Shoshi's twin sister, Chasida, too, has demons from the past that she must fight. But as she nears her fortieth birthday, still alone, Chasida wonders: is she destined to forever watch Shoshi scale one milestone after another - while she, Chasida, continues to languish in their parents' home?

Eliyahu: Having grown up in his aunt and uncle's home, there's no one to whom Eliyahu feels more indebted than them. And yet, if that is the case - how is it that he is no longer on speaking terms with them and their children?

In this passionate and gripping novel, bestselling author Esther Rappaport weaves together the lives of the Dresnick, Bloch, Katz, and Aurbach families in a breathtaking tapestry of depth and emotion. Join these unforgettable characters as they work through personal adversity, often in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. A book for our times, Without a Trace will keep you spellbound from the very first page until the book's satisfying conclusion.

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