When the War Ends - An Historical Novel


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"Sarah, when the war ends…”
“Things will be great!” I said. “No more sirens, no more bombs...”
“And you know what else?” Katy said, putting a lid on my enthusiasm.
“When the war’s over you’ll go home to London.
And I'll be alone again..."

As the Battle of Britain rages on, Sarah Kirschner grows up far from home after being evacuated from London with busloads of other children. Living among non-Jews from the age of eleven, she befriends Rozy, a German refugee haunted by her past. When Rozy runs away, Sarah finds love and comfort with Katy and her wealthy family. But then tragedy strikes — and Sarah must deal with a changed world. 

When the War Ends is a historical novel that explores the enigma of friendship, family relationships, and kinship with the world at large. Once again, Ruti Tanenwald, author of Little Sister and Serina, weaves drama and pathos into a moving and thought-provoking tale.
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ISBN-13: 9781598261172
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