Well, I Can Top That!


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Know-it-all kids who brag incessantly need help with self-confidence and friendship skills. Show how receiving attention for the right things and letting others have a chance in the limelight can improve social skills and promote better friendships. Brad has a lot of great things going on in his life – or at least that’s what he tells all of his classmates! When one student wins a contest, Brad brags about how he won an even bigger contest. When another student breaks his arm, Brad blabs about how he broke BOTH his arms AND legs. Children and adults will get a real kick out of Brad’s tall tales as he learns the difference between being a “pull-upper” and a “one-upper!”

This terrific story by award-winning author Julia Cook (with illustrations by Anita DuFalla) is the first in the Communicate with Confidence series, designed to help young readers master the art of communicating. 32 pgs.

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    Format: Paperback
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    ISBN-13: 9781934490570
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