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Vanished! Comic

Vanished! Comic

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At the height of a pogrom in a helpless Jewish cmunity, a bearded horseman surges through the fire andsmoke.

In his hand is a large shield, on his back is a back is a cape and he is wearing a wide-brimmed hat. The fire licks at the hem of his cape - and he saves the day.

He is quickly hailed as a hero by the the children and youth, but the village's Rav is not happy...

Who is the mysterious rider? Is he hiding a dark secret? What will the priest and his two henchmen, Anton and Mirek, say? And what is the dingy castle in the heart of the forest hiding?

Join the journey through the flames, to fascinating places and with all sorts of characters, drawn with a skilled hand - an unpredictable journey all the way to its surprising end!

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