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Travel Along Alef Bais with Ziggawat

Travel Along Alef Bais with Ziggawat

ISBN: 9781680250527

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Ziggawat is back with his fun-filled adventures! This time it's the "end letters" whose unique shapes save the day in their hilarious travel escapades! With special effects moving pictures, watch the letters transform before your very eyes!
Through five fun stories, children will learn "the alef-beis of middos"

Baruch Hashem ( בָּרוּךְ ה ), recognizing and thanking Hashem
Ona'as Devorim ( אוֺנָאַת דְּבָרִים ), not hurting others with words
Bitachon ( בִּטּחָוןֺ ), trusting in Hashem
Ma'arich Af ( מַאֲרִיךְ אַף ), controlling anger
Derech Eretz ( דֶּרֶךְ ארֶֶץ ), respecting others
... and much more!
For ages 3-5: Lovable Ziggawat helps endear the alef-beis letters to the children as they learn the letters' unique shapes and sounds through the exciting stories.

For ages 6-8: The stories capture the interest of older children with suspenseful plots, while increasing Hebrew vocabulary and teaching middos tovos in a meaningful way.

Children of all ages can relate to the feelings of the characters ,identify with their problems and rejoice in their solutions, for there's a little piece of Ziggleland inside each child!

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