The World Book: Explore the Facts, STATS and Flags of Every Country-HC

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Where in the world would you like to visit? Take an epic tour of every country in the world with The World Book.

Welcome to the world we call home! In all of Space there's nothing quite like it. On the following pages, you'll be going on the ultimate globe-trotting tour. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, you can pay a visit to every country to discover it's amazing history, geography, wildlife, culture, and cuisine, and find out what makes each one unique.--from the introduction

Packed with facts, stats, and flags, explore different cultures and the best things to see, do and taste on this planet. Find out how to say 'good morning' in Maltese, the most popular dishes in Colombian cuisine, and where you can see over 60 species of hummingbird. Journey across oceans, forest, and deserts to seek out the tallest mountain, the longest river, and everything in between

A beautifully illustrated almanac for kids, The World Book is sure to inspire kids of all ages to visit different places and experience different cultures.

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