The Wonderful Story of Mottel [Hardcover]

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Everyone was scared of Mottel the thief. That is, they weren’t scared of him, but of the fact that their things would disappear when he was around… And Mottel was only 13 years old. It’s not pleasant to be a boy whom everyone calls a thief and watches their pockets when he’s around… Seventy years later, when Mottel is quite forgotten by everyone, someone remembers his story. “The Wonderful Story of Mottel” is considered one of the most fascinating, most moving, saddest and funniest stories of Chaim Walder. It combines adventure, suspense, heroism and sacrifice – and above all hovers a great mystery that won’t let the reader rest until the heart-stopping ending. This is Chaim Walder’s fourth comic book. It is preceded by bestsellers “Son for a Son”, “The Actor” and “The Kindhearted Troublemaker”, whichvappeared in the m agazine and captured the hearts of the readers.
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Format: Default Title
Genre: Comic
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ISBN-13: ZB0526
Sub Genre: Children

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