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The Tefillah Revolution

The Tefillah Revolution


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Practical Inspiration for Great Kavanah

We all know that sinking feeling that hits us when we take three steps backward at the end of Shemoneh Esrei without the slightest recollection of what we've just said. In The Tefillah Revolution, dynamic educator Chaya Sara Lefkowitz challenges this universal phenomenon by sharing a wealth of deeply felt inspiration in a way that will elevate and transform our prayers.

The Tefillah Revolution is a one-of-a-kind book that is guaranteed to serve as an invaluable guide for teachers and students -- and anyone who wants to strengthen her connection to the Creator. The author's love of prayer shines through every page as she demonstrates through stories, parables, and kavanah drills how to uplift our davening....changing it from force to habit to the most treasured moments of our day.

There is a revolution going on and it's not blaring in the streets.. It's in the quiet and heartfelt tefillah with kavanah that is transforming our world, one prayer at a time. Join the revolution and transform the way you daven forever.

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