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The Single Files

The Single Files


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A journey of hopes and dreams

My date is arriving in an hour. Mina is pounding on my door, she wants to see me dressed; it’s time to get ready.

I’m hoping.

I’m davening.

I’ll let you know how things go.

At twenty-five, Ahuva Parnes is tired of the pitying glances, thecondescending comments, the well-meaning advice. She’s ready tomove on in life, to join the ranks of the sheitel-wearing young women all around her. But somehow the right one hasn’t shown up yet.

As she waits, Ahuva opens her own business, reaches out to her students, and tries to fill her days with meaningful activities. But it’s hard to feel fulfilled when your twin is expecting her second child, your younger sister is anxious to start dating, and people tell you that you’re sabotaging your own future.

In this intriguing true story, we ride the roller coaster of emotions that accompanies Ahuva on every date. We join her in hotel lob- bies and museums and wonder... Will she ever find the person she’s been waiting for?

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