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The Shevatim

The Shevatim

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The blessings and history of the Tribes of Israel as they appear in the Torah

What are the unique characteristics of each of the Twelves Tribes of Israel?

What are their roots and deeper meanings?

How do the blessings they received from Yaakov Avinu differ from those given by Moshe Rabbeinu?

The culmination of years of research and writing, The Shevatim is a fascinating and original work written by the renowned educator, Rabbi Moshe Polter, o.b.m. The Shevatim offers a thorough review of the Torah’s numerous references to the Tribes of Israel; their history, blessings, and how the Tribes uniquely emerged as one nation – the Jewish people. Other areas relating to the Shevatim are also explored, including each tribe’s unique banner, their order of encampment during the years they wandered in the desert, the twelve different precious stones featured on the kohen gadol’s breastplate, and more.

In The Shevatim, Rabbi Polter uses several charts, maps, and illustrations to present to us a clear and in-depth explanation of the Tribes, in an easy-to-read format. Drawing from his four decades of experience as an educator, Rabbi Polter has created a fascinating and extremely readable work that both adults and younger readers will appreciate and find useful – in their home and school libraries.


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