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The Safety War #2 - Comics

The Safety War #2 - Comics

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Dutzy, Tully, and Michi are back,and they're caught up
in another Safety War!
A police campaign to promote safety at street crossings stirs up unexpected
What are Officers Momo and Gogo doing at a petting zoo?  Why would they plot against the Safety Wars heroes?   How did a man get hurt in a traffic accident?
What if a donkey doesn't want to be painted?  Why does Dutzy get punished by the principal?   What does a zebra have to do with crossing the street?  Who will win the big prize from the Town Council?
You'll find out all the answers, and you'll have lots of fun and laughs while learning about the mitzvah of guarding your life, here in Volume 2 of The Safety Wars another comic book for Jewish kids brought to you by Noach Rubin
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