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The Movement

The Movement

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"She doesn't seem drunk. More like hysterical.” “Can’t you deal with her, Richards?” Colin said irritably.

“I’ve got these crime figures to do and these expense forms” “She said she thinks she’s killed someone.”

Questions. So many questions to answer. Is Miriam Brandeis merely a hysterical, attention-seeking teenager, or did she really murder the strange young man who appeared in her life one sinister Sunday afternoon? If so, why is there no trace of a body? Who is behind the diabolical cult that has brought such horror into the lives of ordinary Jewish families? Even as London policeman Colin Sommers and his newly wed wife and partner in crime detection, Leora, try to untangle the web of deceit and intrigue, there remain even more pressing questions to answer.
Just how deep is Colin’s newfound commitment to Jewish observance? And what can Leora do to encourage Colin on his difficult journey of discovery?
The Movement, the chilling sequel to Dark Tapestry, once again brings us an unforgettable combination of fast-paced excitement and vital issues of Torah values and observance. Well-crafted from its first suspense-filled pages to the last surprising scene, this is a must-read novel for anyone who enjoys suspense, inspiration, and literary flair.

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