The Kindhearted Troublemaker [Hardcover]

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Once upon a time, many years ago, there were children who were troublemakers, troublemakers whom not everyone liked- and kindhearted troublemakers.... The troublemakers of yesterday grew up and became successful people, some of them even leaders, and afforded their parents much nachas.

Today, there are no troublemakers...
That is, of course there are, but they are assigned all kinds of labels, such as: "disturbed and "hyperactive".

Sometimes this leads them to believe that they will forever remain that way..

"The Kindhearted Troublemaker" is a riveting, suspense-filled book which tells the story of Yankele, the biggest troublemaker in Poland, and maybe in the entire world. He was so wild that even his parents almost gave up on him. And then comes the terrible war and Yankele proves to the whole world that mischievous children aren't bad, and that they have tremendous capacity to be leaders-and limitless kindheartedness that allows them to be good, helpful leaders. 

"The Kindhearted Troublemaker" is the third comic book from the pen of Chaim Walder (author of the acclaimed "Kids speak" series).
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Format: Default Title
Genre: Comic
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ISBN-13: ZB587
Sub Genre: Children

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