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The Mystery of the Anonymous Donor

The Mystery of the Anonymous Donor

ISBN: 9781600914133

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Rafi Fisher's family is dealing with serious money issues. An anonymous benefactor begins sending them money each week, tucked into a yellow envelope, and they have no clue who it could be. When the Fisher family no longer needs the help, Rafi Fisher and his friends set out to track down the mysterious donor. Why doesn't Nati live at home? How does one forgotten necklace save a family? And most importantly: Will Rafi ever discover the donor's true identity? You'll find the answers in this gripping, entertaining book! The Mystery of the Anonymous Donor is an exciting story for children, teens and even the adult who wants to take a visit back to the world of childhood. The Mystery of the Anonymous Donoris the second in the "Invisibles" series, and joins the other title by author Rachel Schorr,Secret of the Purple Bottle.

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