The Fearful Heroes [Hardcover]

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Three yeshiva bochurim find themselves alone in the forest, while their fellow Jews are rapidly disappearing from the ghetto of Lublin... The Germans are looking for them all the time, but worst of all, their Rosh Yeshiva has been taken away... to an unknown destination.

Can they save his life? Who stands in their way? And who will show up unexpectedly to help them?

Will the German soldiers really believe that the short, blustering bochur is an officer's uniform is their commander?

And how does an American Indian come into the story?

Join us for a breathtaking tale of suspense and adventure, a tale of German soldiers, cunning spies, a greedy priest, and a hoard of money that travels the world. Together, we'll hide in thick forests, infiltrate a German military base, and learn lots of important things on the way: and especially, to fear nobody but Hashem!
Censor Level:
Format: Default Title
Genre: Comic
Guided Reading Level:
Sub Genre: Children

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