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The Carpool Clan #3: Crash Course

The Carpool Clan #3: Crash Course

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Enter the world of Sara Leah Steinberg in Crash Course, the third of the popular Carpool Clan series!

Excitement is in the air at the Steinberg house as Sara Leah and her family gear up for her oldest sister’s engagement. But only hours after, Sara Leah is suddenly awakened to find out that things at home are spiraling quickly out of control…

Sara Leah finds herself torn as she struggles to juggle family life, schoolwork, and her upcoming graduation trip. Can Sara Leah manage to live up to her perfect reputation, or will all her efforts come crashing down? 

To top it all off, Sara Leah and her friends are soon jolted by a terrifying accident on the way home from school one day — and the crash makes her realize something that she’s never known before. 

Crash Course is a book that will make you laugh while tugging at your heart…and it will leave you secure in the knowledge that we’re all being driven by the Master Chauffeur.
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