The Captain's Kids Volume 7 - Aboard a Slave Ship to Serengeti


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So you thought you could stowaway did you? You're not getting off this ship until you pay! But we were shipwrecked and we came aboard to save our lives! And who helped you board this ship? We can't tell you. We're Jews from Tzfas. Jews! Jews help one another; I get a hefty ransom for you boys! Meanwhile you'll stay with the slaves.

Alfonso and Juan end up aboard a ship which sets them on a bold and challenging journey through the endless African savannas all the way to the Tanzanian wetlands. Their story unfolds against the breathtaking backdrop of the Serengeti, and incorporates a rich encyclopedia of fish, birds and animals - a full zoological experience from the wonders of the creation.

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ISBN-13: 20200137
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