The Big Jewish Mama's Cookbook


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We live in a fast-food, fast-paced world.
Who doesn’t need to take an hour and just be?
Shabbat or a simple weeknight dinner together with those we care about affords us that respite.
What makes these meals so special are the foods we share.
The Big Jewish Mama's Cookbook gives readers, with or without experience, the tools to prepare the recipes in this book in an easy, user-friendly manner.
The bulk of the ingredients will be found in your kitchen; the sharp photos will help in the preparation of each dish.
Whether you are preparing food for friends or family, your own personality, heart and soul will be in what you have made.
Follow each recipe to the "T", or add your own small detail to make it yours - either way, those eating your food will appreciate the time and effort you spent preparing for them.
Please contact me with questions or suggestions.
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