Smart Snacks Puzzle Pies

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What’ll it be: two slices of lemon pie, three slices of blueberry, or four slices of strawberry? How about one of each! Kid-approved Smart Snacks pack serious learning into delightful batches of irresistible play food. This batch features three different pies in colorful pans, divided into fractional halves, thirds, and fourths, and numbered 1–4 on the bottom for self-checking. Take role play and fine motor one step further with a pie server that kids can use to dish out, mix and match, and enjoy. Whew—this dessert is a meal in itself!

3 Pie pans
3 Pies (half, third, and quarter)
1 Pie server

Each pie pan measures 4.375”D

Grades: Toddler+

Suggested Learning Activities:

Counting and number recognition: Have your child count each piece while placing them into the appropriate pans. Then, point out the numbers on the bottom of the pieces for number recognition.

Vocabulary: These pies can be a great way to introduce early fractions and the related vocabulary. When playing with this set say words like half, third, fourth or quarter. You can also introduce size words like bigger, or smaller. For example, this piece of pie is bigger than that piece.

More/Less: Practice early comparison vocabulary with your child by asking which pie has more pieces, and which pie has less pieces. You can also show comparison by holding up a piece from each pie and asking which piece has more to eat, and which piece has less to eat.
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