Slime Art Starter Set - 3 colors & Black Light


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Best Slime on the Market

Anytime is slime time!

Go beyond glue slime and make the world’s best slime using Steve Spangler’s Slime Art Set. Each set comes with three colorful 240 mL (8 fl oz) bottles of high quality PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) and a 240 mL (8 fl oz) bottle of Slime Activator Solution. The set also includes 40 g of Colorful Orb Polymers, 40 g of Clear Superabsorbent Jelly Marbles, 15 g of Glitter, and a yucky bunch of Plastic Insects!

What does it teach?

Making slime is a great way to introduce the concept of changes in states of matter (from a liquid to a solid), to demonstrate the process of cross-linking long chains of molecules, and to explore the science of polymers.

How does it work?

Slime is like microscopic spaghetti – long chains of slippery, slimy molecules called a polymer. The Activator Solution links together long polymer chains to form the world’s best slime.

Keep your slime in a zipper-lock bag for safe storage. Also, keep off of carpet, wood surfaces, or any place you think slime will cause damage.

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