Skullcaps and Crossbones - A Graphic Novel [Hardcover]

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Join Shmuel, Yitzchak, and their friend Menachem Silver as they travel across the world in the elusive footsteps of a 16th century pirate, in the first Shmuel Kafri graphic novel.

An unearthed home from the times of the Arizal is found to contain a chest of papers, believed to be the private collection of Harav Chaim Vital. Among those papers is a book, purporting to be the private diary of Yaakov Koriel, the 16th-century Jewish pirate
who captained three ships in the Caribbean.

Koriel, who abandoned piracy and moved to Eretz Yisrael, left behind this record of his life. Exciting and moving in turn, it shows how a young Jewish boy in Inquisition Spain became a naval captain, then a pirate, and finally returned to life as a religious Jew.

But the diary has more than one secret. Shmuel Kafri and his son, Yitzchak, investigate the Koriel diary on behalf of the Jewish Antiquities Society, and quickly find that the diary is even more valuable than they could have imagined, well worth a trip to Israel and
Jamaica. But someone else is also trying to get his hands on the diary.
Censor Level:
Format: Default Title
Genre: Comic
Guided Reading Level:
ISBN-13: F978-9
Sub Genre: Children

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