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Shalom Aleichem

Shalom Aleichem

ISBN: 9789657599136

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A Collection of Halachos, Aggados and Anecdotes about Greeting People

One of the most well-known sayings in all of Judaism is the one we use to greet each other: "Shalom Aleichem.”

How many Jews realize that this isn’t just a cliché or a custom, but a genuine mitzvah?

And since it’s a mitzvah, what are its halachos? How are we supposed to greet one another? Whom must we greet this way? How should we greet a mourner? How should men greet women, and vice versa? Does this mitzvah apply when writing a letter? During davening, during a meal?

The first section of the book describes the detailed halachic aspects of greeting people. The second and third sections inspire the reader with a profound appreciation of this mitzvah. The essence of this "simple” greeting is explained through the lessons of our Sages and commentaries, and comes to life with true stories of our leaders and teachers throughout the ages.

This is a book for every Jew to read, enjoy, and live by!

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