Rubbermaid 6 Pack Plastic Storage Containers


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  • RUBBER QUALITY - Holding up to 14% more than other storage containers of the same size, you'll receive reliable lidded storage organizers that can fit all your items securely with the durable, tear-free polypropylene material made in the U.S.
  • Holiday Solutions: These containers are perfect for holding ornaments, wrapping paper, and your most treasured Christmas decorations. Stay organized and make room in your life to enjoy this holiday season with Cleverstore storage bags.
  • STRONG LID CLOSURE - Rubberized storage containers with lids close securely with handles attached to the base keeping items dry and dust-free, perfect as a shoe organizer.
  • Secure Stacking: The Rubbermaid recessed lid construction ensures stability and allows plastic storage containers to be securely stacked for ease of movement, efficient use of space, travel and more.
  • Clearly superior lockable storage with 29,000-inch exterior dimensions. L x 17. 750 inches. 6 units. 125 inches. Interior dimensions 24 inches tall. 500 inches. L x 15,000 inches. 5 units. 375 inches. 41 quarts. 8 liter load capacity. 6.0 lbs.
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