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Race Against Time

Race Against Time

ISBN: 9781614651857

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A fast-paced, emotionally satisfying adventure

This is never going to work!” Orli leaned back against the bench in despair. “Who are we kidding? I quit.”
“What are you talking about? You didn’t even start!”
"It’s an unbreakable code, Surie. What part of ‘unbreakable’ don’t you get?”
I gritted my teeth. “You’re going to give up, just like that? You didn’t even try, but you’re going to let us get killed by whoever is after us? If you want to let yourself get caught that’s your choice. But you have no right to make that decision for me because you couldn’t be bothered to fix the mess your father got us in.”

Sixteen-year-old Surie Feldman is flying to Eretz Yisrael this summer. Her family hopes the trip will help her heal from a painful experience. But trouble begins before Surie can even disembark from the plane, as a shadowy figure approaches her with an ominous request. After meeting Orli Frankel, daughter of an illustrious yet mysterious millionaire, Surie discovers that fleeing the past won’t work. And that time can move backward, as distressing memories are reawakened by present events.

As a young scientist in the former Soviet Union, Yuri Minsky only wanted to think about physics and mathematics. But a rendezvous in his later years with an Israeli intelligence agent stirs Minsky’s conscience into divulging a secret his heart has harbored for way too long. With Turkish military units threatening to attack Israel and Middle Eastern tensions heating up, Mossad agents are on high alert. Can they crack an unbreakable code — one that the country’s safety is riding on — before it’s too late?

M. Bassara, widely acclaimed author of the all-time bestseller Sun inside Rain, thrills readers with her next masterpiece. Race Against Time is a fast-paced, emotionally satisfying adventure that you’ll find impossible to put down. As you delve into layer upon layer of this engrossing, complex tale, you’ll fervently hope that good will be able to overcome evil…before time runs out.

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