Primary Concepts Rhyming Post Office, Grades PreK to 2


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The Rhyming Post Office helps young children learn to focus more closely on the sounds they hear in words all around them, and to discern differences in closely related words. In no time, students will be able to build essential skills for successful reading and writing---including auditory discrimination, phonemic awareness, and sound-symbol correspondence. Hands-on lessons follow a careful developmental sequence, progressing from simple consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words with different initial consonants to more difficult discriminations, including rhymes with more than one spelling pattern. Recommended for Grades PreK to 2.
  • The Rhyming Post Office activity provides hands-on sound sorting fun that simultaneously assists with reading and writing skills for Grade PreK to 2 learners
  • Set includes 4 sorting mailboxes are to be used with 96 picture cards that consist of 25 word families
  • Card storage box comes with labeled dividers for easy organization
  • Guide comes with easy instructions and developmentally sequence lessons to help with progression of mastery in literacy skills
  • 4 sorting mailboxes
  • 96 picture cards for 25 word families
  • 1 card storage box with labeled dividers
  • 1 guide with developmentally sequenced lessons
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