Pretend & Play Bakery Set


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Stir up a good time! Perfect for involving kids in baking for special occasions, holidays and more.

  • Invites kids to imagine holding a pretend bake-off, making special treats for company, running their own bakery or entering the school bake sale

  • Offers a realistic, hands-on play experience with egg that cracks open to release the yolk, cookies in 4 shapes to cut out and more

  • Introduces parts of a whole with sliceable 3-piece loaf of bread and pie with three 2-piece slices kids can fill with fruit

  • Provides a measuring cup and spoon so kids can be sure they’ve added all the right ingredients

  • Set of 31 durable plastic pieces includes favorite baked goods and all the utensils a baker needs

  • Largest piece (rolling pin) measures 8.5"L

  • Ages 3+
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    Format: Default Title
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    ISBN-13: 765023090567
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