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Pinchy & Itchy Volume 7- In the Lion's Den

Pinchy & Itchy Volume 7- In the Lion's Den

ISBN: 9781940884233

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Pinchy's heart almost froze with fear. Don't be afraid, he kept telling himself. The shiny boots came closer, until they stopped right before him.

"Get me some cigarettes!" the soldier ordered.

"Fifty zlotys!" Pinchy picked up the pack of cigar and showed him the merchandise.

"Why so expensive?" he demanded.

I can't show that I'm terrified of him, thought Pinchy, remembering the precise instructions he'd received.

"Sorry, sir, but that's the best price I can give. If you want to pay less, buy the cheap ones.'

He kept his voice steady, as confident as any lad who handles customers on a daily basis, and not like a Jewish child whose very existence is in question.

He'll do anything to win this war for their survival. He replaces a guard and catches a thief red-handed, he sells newspapers of the Polish underground, he even plays the part of a beggar, and the grandson of a local resident.

But while he plays all those roles, he's on the lookout for fellow Jews who need help escaping the fierce Nazis.

You've met the pair of brothers before. Now, turn the page and discover them once again; in sewer pipes, in the city square, in an orphanage, and in the old guard's home. Determined to live, determined to grow and be the best a Jew could be.

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