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Pillars of Smoke

Pillars of Smoke

ISBN: 9781600913983

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Hamas has kidnapped First Lieutenant Yonatan Rotem!

But things aren't as they seem. Identities are hidden and revealed, alliances formed and broken. The Pillars of Smoke that rise upwards start to thicken- until the astounding ending. All the smoke clears and the truth is finally revealed.

Pillars of Smoke- the serial that kept its Hebrew readers spellbound for almost two years, now in English.

P. Scharff, well-known for his popular Crack It! puzzles and riddles series, presents readers with his first thriller. Jam-packed with ingenuity and unexpected twists, the author still succeeds in maintaining the story's believability. Readers will not be able to put the book down; the plot is intriguing and fast-paced.

Pillars of Smoke- extensive research was invested in this book, which presents the reader with authentic, precise information while weaving incisive, true Jewish values and messages throughout the entire story. Pillars of Smoke takes quality Jewish thrillers up to the next level.
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