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Materials: Where Does It Come From? #2

No books, no newspapers, no money, no notebooks, no gift wrap... It's a good thing a certain Chinese fellow figured out how to turn wood into paper a couple of centuries ago! This absorbing book traces mankind's search for the perfect material to write on, from clay tablets to parchment to papyrus... to modern-day paper. Learn the differences between different types of paper and how they are produced, from the moment a tree is chopped down until it becomes deliciously usable paper.

Kids are naturally curious about the world around them, and the books in the Living & Learning Encyclopedia series are the perfect way to answer their questions about everyday foods and materials. Each book teaches the history, science and technology behind the topic in the title in an unusually clear and engaging manner. In addition to the delightful illustrations, the books feature a unique, fun-to-read style where the words themselves are pictures, too! Sure to be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

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Format: Default Title
Genre: Nonfiction
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Series: Children's encyclopedia
ISBN-13: 9781614650225
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